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A recent study showed over 20,000 contaminants found in 18 different bottling companies' drinking water. Tap water is more regulated than bottled water. 

You cannot see, smell, or taste most contaminants, but if they are in your water, the potential danger to your health is staggering!

Bacteria - The Most likely source of acute water-borne disease. Young children and those with weaker immunity are more likely to be affected. The presence of bacteria in drinking water indicates that treatment methods are not working properly and are not adequate to remove all viable microbes. Community water systems take steps to disinfect drinking water, but they may not become aware of problems until it’s too late!

Lead - Lead from pipes can leach into household water used for Drinking, Cooking and Washing. Plumbing is a Major source of water contamination and a potential source of toxic lead poisoning…even low levels. Lead can harm mental and physical development and cause brain abnormalities, kidney damage and hypertension.

Pesticides - commonly found in drinking water. Their pervasive use has produced its own harm. Now, it is not uncommon to find pesticide contamination in our drinking water. So toxic some are mandated by the EPA to a maximum level equivalent to less than 1 drop in a swimming pool. Laws require regular testing of community water, but rarely tested.

Nitrates/Nitrites - When animal/human wastes and field fertilizers come in contact with water, they show up as nitrates/nitrites especially in well water. Both are serious contaminants because they affect the very core of human life, birth and development of young life.

Chlorine - Drinking chlorine in small amounts may not hurt you, but chlorine by-products like chloroform that chlorine produces.

Hardness - When you have hard water, heavy calcium compounds are the cause and it can take twice as much soap to do your laundry.

Prilly Pure Water beads shatter the molecular bond that holds together contaminants, pollutants, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, radiation, bacteria, molds, etc. and gasses them out over the water, raises the pH t0 8.7, alkalizing and structures the water thin to be able to readily absorb nutrients, oxygen and water into our cells to flush out toxins.

Emerging Contaminants