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Beads for Clean Hot Tubs /Spas


Lounge in Healthy Water! Prilly Pure Water Magnesium Beads will permanently purify your spa or hottub Without the use of any harmful chemicals like CHLORINE and BROMINE by hyper-oxygenating and raising the pH level of the water killing germs, bacteria and algae…forever! NO cleaning, chemical shock or bad smell ever again! NO expensive ongoing chemical use! NEVER allow your children to play in harsh chemicals or unhealthy water again! PRILLY PURE WATER Magnesium Beads last forever and never have to be replaced! One-time investment starting as low as $100!

These water beads can be used for purifying drinking water, well water, rain catchment water, hot tub/spa water. The water can be placed in a humidifier to add hyper-oxygenated air for those with lung problems, used in a spray bottle to mist plants and the body to moisturize the skin, cleaning anything, enhances nutrient absorption and toxin elimination, helps reduce damage from free radicals, raises body pH, absorbed immediately so that every cell is properly hydrated.

The movemnet of oxygen and water through the cell membrane is called, 'Prill'. Cellular water movement is critical for adequate absorption of nutrients and for the elimination of metabolic waste products. Prill water is the form of water required for all life processes to be carried out in the body.

Those who drink this Prill water are benefiting both ways.

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